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If you can plan a wedding, you can plan any event!

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  • Couples get engaged year `round*
  • Average engagement = 16 months
  • Average wedding cost = $28,000+
  • One out of every 64 Americans get married, annually
  • 44,000 weddings take place each weekend
  • 94% of brides have big, traditional weddings
  • The wedding industry totals $150 BILLION ANNUALLY!
You need to be a part of this growing, lucrative profession!

Did You Know?

...that we have forums exclusively for AAWP members?

AAWP's Professional Online Wedding-Planning Course gives you these advantages:
  • Study at your own pace, in the comfort of your home.
  • Interact with your AAWP trainer for one-on-one instruction with the I-Chat-Professor™.
  • Take advantage of AAWP's Video Lessons for added assistance with the AAWP program.
  • Deborah McCoy's personal interaction with each of her students.
Once you receive your AAWP Certification, take advantage of your AAWP Membership:
  • Business Development Services: AAWP's team of experts will help you grow and develop your business, or advise you on pursuing work within the industry.
  • Build your "member profile" on AAWP's site so that brides-to-be can access you.
  • Credit-Card Processing: available at competitive rates. Businesses that accept credit cards are more successful than those who don't.
  • Professional Forums: Network with other AAWP professionals to build and grow your businesses.
And more.

* All statistics on this page: "The Wedding Boom", Conde Nast Bridal Group, New York, New York.

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